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Space design and Academic Supervision

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Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan


Space Design

Client: YKK AP

Collaboration: UNESCO World Heritage Sites Casa Batllo and Casa Mila 


(English bellow)

状の窓が建築空間の境界を多く形づくるようになりました。YKK AP は「Architectural Products で社会を幸せにす
います。本展「未来をひらく窓―Gaudí Meets 3D Printing」は、自然と人々の暮らしの間で進化を遂げてきた窓自
身がさらなる未来を切りひらいていく様を表現すると同時に、YKK 環境ビジョン2050「人と自然の未来をひらく」や、ガ
ウディの「建築と自然の融合」というひらかれた建築思想にも共鳴しています。また、「ガウディが現代の最先端3D プリン
ティング技術に出逢ったら」という視点で、過去の良質なデザインを未来に生かしていく取り組みでもあります。(Text by YKK AP)

Since the advent of modern industrialization, windows have been standardized, mass-produced, and continually refined to provide higher performance and functionality. While these developments enabled the creation of airy openings freed from structural constraints, the universalization of glass curtain-wall skyscrapers, and the drastic improvement of residential and office environments, the free and complex forms of the handcrafted windows fashioned by premodern artisans have become ever rarer, replaced by the rectilinear injection- and extrusion-molded window systems that now define the boundaries of most architectural spaces. This exhibit, titled Window on the Future―Gaudí Meets 3D Printing, offers a view into the future of windows that have continued to evolve at the thresholds between nature and human life, . As expressed by its speculative theme, “What would Gaudí have done with the latest 3D printing technology?”, the project also reflects an effort to apply the inspired designs of the past to the future. (Text by YKK AP)

The space design by YSLA reflects the vision of Gaudi to merge nature and architecture as inseparable concepts. The nature that Gaudi envisioned in his work was rich in textures, colors and forms, was specific to the site, was diverse. Our landscapes reflect this understanding of nature as diversity while being at the same time local to each window. YSLA landscapes enhances the property of each window themed Air, Sun and Sound. The Air window is surrounded by grasses plants dancing to the rhythm of the wind passing by the 3D printed window. The Sound window recall us the lavender fields at the blooming season with the air filled with the buzz of the bees. The Sun window and its color changing UV glasses can interact with the meadow of white flowers by painting them in colors. The visitors can enjoy the windows on display by walking around an organic shaped copper flooring area that recall the copper workshop in which Gaudi spent his childhood. This is a custom made space design that enhances and relates the exhibits with the cultural background. 



Project Credits

Space Design: YSLA architects

Academic Supervision: Dr. Takeshi Yamamura (YSLA cofounder)

Product Design: PDC

Creative Direction: Keita Suzuki

Contractor: Garde 

Textile: Onder de Linde

Planting: Solso

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