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Shinjuku,Tokyo, Japan


Hotel / Residence

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Light Houseは東京都新宿区に建つホテルである。当初はホテルとして計画されたが、新型コロナウィルスの影響により、工事途中に居住施設へと変更された稀なプロジェクトである。
















Lighthouse Tokyo is a nine story building who was designed as a hotel in the neighborhood of Shinjuku, Tokyo,  and has been delivered as a residence building due to the impact of the COVID-19 in the Tokyo tourism business.


The building is in a crossing along Waseda street. The facade was conceived as concrete levitating sheet, who erase the boundaries between interior and exterior, public and private and opens to the street intersection trough two round cuts inviting people from every direction. The building was thought as a lighthouse for the travelers.

However, due to the change of use into residence, the ground floor was converted into a co-working space for the residents. We realized during the lockdown the convenience of this kind of spaces specially in families with children. The lighthouse became then the expression of the new normality.

The building was planned as a unique room per floor hotel with an open plan developed around the doma space 土間. The doma is in traditional Japanese buildings an area associated with the daily use and the entrance points, and it was the center of the socialization. In this space the guests are allow to enter with shoes and is the place to gather. The doma is surrounded by a raised floor area that becomes a flexible platform for quiet activities and night use. In this shoeless space the futons are placed at night depending on the number of guests. The boundary between the doma and the raised floor can be close using light partitions, wooden blinds, or curtains.

YSLA designed Miwa みわ as a modular and flexible furniture that can be assembled and use in different ways remembering the spirit of the lighthouse in its shape.



Project Credits:

Architecture & Interior: YSLA architects

Curtains: Studio Onder de Linde

Structure: yAt Structure Design Office

Contractor: FUJIKEN

Photography: Munetaka Onodera (when specified)