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Hotel Renovation

Tokyo, Japan


Hotel Renovation


This is a hotel renovation project for SectionL, a new breed of hotels, that needed to rebrand 3 hotel properties they acquired in Tokyo. The new operator was looking for a new and fresh and unique atmosphere.

The scope of the project included interior renovation and interior furniture coordination.

The interior renovation consisted in changing the wall and ceiling paper and floor finish material. In order to achieve a Japanese modern atmosphere of the space the simulated tatami areas were also covered with floor carpet, enhancing the fresh lifestyle our clients envisioned in their properties.

YSLA renovation also included the design of custom made headboards. The headboards became th signature of each hotel and are a valuable tool for branding purposes, given consistency to the brand and uniqueness to each of their properties. The design is playful, comfortable and functional, including a recess space to charge your electronic devices, place your night lecture or keep your night routine items.

The furniture coordination consisted in the replacement of old furniture and the upcycling of the existing bedframes and sofas. The new furniture was selected to achieve a smoother circulation inside the rooms; stools were provided into limited sized spaces instead of chairs and 4 leg tables were replaced by central legs ones. Design wise YSLA combined furniture items from brands as Artek,  Sancal and HAY with products of MUJI and IKEA. 

As for the upcycling of the existing bedframes and sofas YSLA gave a second life to these items by coordinating new custom made bed skirts and sofa covers. 

The lobby areas were compact and most of the checking services automatized. We decided to design a multipurpose counter that could serve diverse functions; checking desk, coffee corner and bar counter for the Friday events Section L holds every week.  For a complete welcome experience each counter has a neon backlighting with the wordings “Start Here”, the moto of this new breed of hotels.

The implementation of comfort and design into the rooms and lobbies is a value for the space, our clients and guests. YSLA achieved with a soft renovation the conversion of an ordinary business hotel into a boutique hotel.



Project Credits:

Client: Section L

Architecture & Interior coordination: YSLA architects

Contractor: Hakuten 

Photography: @Munetaka Onodera 

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